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Yayasan Pak Rashid Scholarship Recipients Completed Studies with Flying Colours


Translation by         : Siti Nur`Ain Feisal

Editor                     : Nik Hafzaini Nik Hassan 

SERDANG, 29 Nov – Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) once again held the 46th Convocation Ceremony which was held from 26 November – 2 December 2022. A total of 6092 graduates from Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree and Doctor of Philosophy programmes had received their scroll.  

Prior to this, the first session was held at Sri Kenyalang Hall, Univesiti Putra Malaysia Bintulu Campus on 1 November 2022. UPM Chancellor, DYMM Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah Alhaj Ibni Almarhum Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah Alhaj attended the convocation ceremony. The second session continued at UPM Serdang.

At this session, alumni scholarship recipients also received their degrees. Yayasan Pak Rashid is one of the alumni scholarships established with the objective to assist excellent students but financially disadvantaged. The selection of students is done by the trustees of Yayasan Pak Rashid and they will undergo interview session on the basis of providing funds to those who are truly eligible. 

YPR was officially launched in November 2000 and was inspired by Pak Rashid’s name as an outstanding teacher, founder and pioneer to the establishment of Universiti Pertanian Malaysia. His dedication to education and agriculture entitled him the highest recognition of Honorary Doctorate in Letters from Universiti Pertanian Malaysia and Ridley Centennial Award (Posthumous).

Yayasan Pak Rashid has always supported UPM’s excellence in various approaches through the establishment of a Chair in Education. YPR through its research grants is making its way to boost the status of Universiti Putra Malaysia as a leading Higher Education Institution in the field of Research and Development (R&D). YPR also awarded Yayasan Pak Rashid Gold Medal Award to outstanding students and supported innovation projects in agriculture and education. Preceding that, YPR relies on the contributions from philanthropists, alumni and the university community to realise its establishment objectives and goals.    

During the second session of the 46th UPM Convocation, six YPR recipients graduated and one of them received the University Prize for category Agribio Putra Medal, Melissa Lok Mei Teng from the Faculty of Agriculture. Beginning from 2013 to 2022, 21 students successfully completed their studies under the sponsorship of Yayasan Pak Rashid.  

“I did not expect to graduate with such success and make my family proud. All I can say is when we are able to study comfortably, we are able to discard the thinking of being financially insufficient. During my four years of study and as the recipient of YPR, I have learned a lot. Not only in the academic field but also in co-curriculum and association. From the first day I entered UPM, my dream is to complete my study with flying colours. Today I have graduated, and I would bid my deepest gratitude to UPM and Yayasan Pak Rashid. I hope I am able to contribute to alma mater and students. Thank you ARCUPM for easing my scholarship journey,” she said.    

As for Goh Yong Sheng, recipient of Yayasan Pak Rashid Gold Medal, the award is priceless after ups and downs of four years of study.

“After going through a prolonged Movement Control Order (MCO) and having to study online serve many challenges. A change of routine is challenging. The support from family in providing equipment to study online which are laptop and internet. Today I have achieved success and even sweeter I was awarded with Yayasan Pak Rashid Gold Medal. Upholding Pak Rashid name is an honour and certainly boost my spirit to be more successful as UPM alumnus which has lead me to where I am today. Thank UPM and to all its community,” he said.     

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