Activities Announcement
How can we know what are the activities organised or will be organised by the Alumni Relation Centre?

To know about previous or upcoming events organized by the Alumni Relation Centre, you can follow our Website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram page to get notifications.

Did Alumni Relation Centre UPM publishes a magazine for alumni?

Yes, UPM Alumni Relation Centre produce UPM Alumni Magazine Serdang Sun twice a year.  

Where is the Alumni Relation Centre situated?
What is the purpose of Alumni Relation Centre?

Alumni Relation Centre (previously known as Career Services & Alumni Centre) has the purpose to help maintain the bond between the Alumni of UPM as well as with Alumni and the University . In order to do this, the Alumni Centre organizes numerous activities that involves the Alumni as well as the university.

What are the differences between Alumni Relation Centre of UPM (ACUPM) and UPM Alumni Association (PAUPM)?

ARCUPM is an entity under the Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Students’ Affairs and Alumni), UPM which is responsible in managing alumni’s affairs. All graduates of UPM both local and international are automatically called alumni. ACUPM also plays an important role in promoting and enhancing the good reputation and image of the university to all UPM alumni and its stakeholders. Meanwhile, PAUPM also is a non-governmental organization (NGO) which was established in order to gather all UPM alumni who like to be active with the association. Alumni who are interested in becoming a member of the UPM must be registered with the association for which registration is for a lifetime to local alumni UPM only.

What is the procedure to request for Alumni Relation Centre (ARCUPM) souvenirs for UPM entities programme that involving alumni?

UPM entities can request for souvenirs from Alumni Relation Centre according to Souvenirs Request Guide

Alumni Contribution
What can I give donations/ any contributions to the Alumni Relation Centre UPM (ARCUPM)?

ARCUPM is very pleased to accept the participation of all university graduates who have been successful in their respective careers to contribute in developing the Alma mater. Among the donations that can be given by a member of the alumni are such ideas, energy, creativity and finance. Alumni are also encouraged to get involved with all the activities organized by the ARCUPM as a contribution and support to us. With this, indirectly, alumni can contribute to the development of the ARCUPM and the university in particular and society in general. 

Does UPM Alumni Relation Center offered scholarships to students?

UPM Alumni Relation Centre is the secretariat of the Scholarship Pak Rashid and Scholarship Soh Kim Mee for needy student.

How do we want to set up a chapter or a small group of alumni UPM?

Alumni Relation Centre UPM welcome to a small group of colleges, faculties or departments to set up a chapter or an alumni group to be registered under the observation of the Alumni Relation Centre UPM to launch programs arranged. The alumni will assist in planning and doorgift to alumni that will be present.

As a current UPM students, how can I participate with activities/programme that Alumni Relation Centre organize?

UPM students can particapate in Alumni Relation Centre through Chapter Student Ambassador (CSA).

Alumni Tracing
As alumni UPM, how to update our personal details?

Alumni can update their details in the Alumni Information System (AIS) portal

Updated:: 14/10/2022 [syahidasyraaf]

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