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MegaChili Project 2021 Brings Hope to Students


By: Siti Nur`Ain Feisal

SERDANG – Skill, experience, and knowledge are three important elements for success. Today, a cumulative total of graduates reached almost 5.3 million students. Therefore, to place oneself in an immensely limited employment sector, skills are the second crucial element to ensure graduate marketability.

Alumni Relations Centre inspired a project involving students in totality. It surely will provide experience to students before graduating. MegaChili Project continues as a platform for students to imply knowledge and guidance from alumni mentors.



MegaChili Project 2021, Students Must Seize Opportunity

MegaChili Project 2021 in collaboration with Alumni Relations Centre (ARCUPM), Residential Colleges, Student Affairs Division, UPM Alumni Association, Centre of Entrepreneurial Development and Graduate Marketability, Faculty of Agriculture, and Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industries have allocated RM50,000.00 which was channeled through UPM Alumni Contribution Fund.  

This project will involve nine residential colleges in Serdang Campus, Selangor. Each college will be allocated a one-off RM5,000.00 grant. Through this grant, each college is required to organise MegaChili Project as the main event and must fully utilise it before the end of March 2022.

Furthermore, this project showcases UPM's close collaboration with government agencies in a long run and provides exposure to the student on the real challenges to become an agro entrepreneur. Besides, this collaboration is a platform for alumni to dedicate and contribute their expertise to university and UPM students.

In ensuring the success of this project, ARCUPM under Industry Networking and Alumni Grant has organised the opening workshop on June 19 2021 online. The workshop entitled "Kenali Tanah dan Baja Pertanian" was presented by Dr. Elisa Azura Azman. According to the Head of Industry Networking and Alumni Grant section, Syafiq Hariz Mohd Hanafiah, the workshop was organised to deliver knowledge and extra input for students as early preparation before the process of planting.

He also added that future workshop sessions will be managed by alumni mentors. "This workshop is one of the platforms for knowledge transfer between alumni and students. Therefore, students who participated in the project are welcome to join the workshop," he commented.

Students from Tenth College, Thirteenth College, Sultan Alaeddin Suleiman Shah College, Pendeta Za'ba College, and Sri Rajang College of UPM Bintulu campus have joined the online workshop. Dr. Elisa is a Senior Lecturer from the Faculty of Agriculture UPM and alumni class of 2009, 2012. She is the alumni mentor for Megachili Project. This workshop will be continued in the next amazing series.

Date of Input: 30/06/2021 | Updated: 13/08/2021 | alif.isnain


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