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College of Agriculture Malaya (KPM 1972) Alumni Contribute Endowment for Students

By : Siti Nur`Ain Feisal

Editor : Nik Hafzaini Nik Hassan 

SERDANG – Sirih pulang ke gagang. The best phrase to describe College of Agriculture Malaya (KPM) 1972 alumni reunion at Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) for three days and two nights in conjunction with KPM Golden Jubilee Celebration 1972.

Nearly 100 KPM 1972 alumni joined Menggamit Kenangan Alumni Reunion (MEKAR) 10.0 programme. The programme which took place at UPM saw the return of former students of College of Agriculture Malaya and witnessed UPM achievements today. It has been a memorable down to memory lane after 50 years leaving campus and the reunion programme started from 4 to 6 July.    

Alumni Relations Centre UPM the programme’s co-organiser has rolled out the red carpet to celebrate the return of the alumni with various programmes outlined to enliven KPM Golden Jubilee Celebration 1972.

Throughout the three days stay at UPM, KPM alumni recalled their memories upon registration into the residential college which was known as Kolej Muhamad Rasyid (KMR), and today is renamed as KMR One Putra Residence. Some of the alumni were placed at MARDI Training Centre located next to UPM.  

The Chairman of Universiti Putra Malaysia Board of Director as well as the Chairman of KPM 1972 Alumni, YAM Tengku Syarif Laksamana Perlis Dato’ Seri DiRaja Syed Razlan Syed Putra Jamalullail expressed his deepest gratitude and congratulate KPM 1972 alumni and Alumni Relations Centre UPM for organising this meaningful reunion to all KPM 1972 alumni and Universiti Putra Malaysia.

“My batchmates and I received Diploma in Agriculture on 5 August 1972. During our time at the College of Agriculture Malaya, the campus and faculty were limited to agriculture only. But today, the college has become the largest university in Malaysia with numerous faculties while agriculture remains as the core specialty of UPM. 

Today, alumni KPM 1972 are returning to the Serdang campus. We chose to celebrate KPM Golden Jubilee 1972 celebration at UPM, which has been grown not physically but academically as well over the past 50 years,” he said.

Meaningfully, this return led to a significant endowment contribution for UPM students. A contribution of RM58,875.95 was handed over by the alumni KPM 1972 chair, YAM Tengku Sharif Laksamana Perlis Dato’ Seri DiRaja Syed Razlan Syed Putra Jamalullail to UPM Vice Chancellor YH. Prof Dato’ Dr. Mohd Roslan Sulaiman at the dinner on the second day of the programme.

This endowment will be distributed as a scholarship to UPM students in need especially from the asnaf, B40 families and persons with disabilities (OKU).

According to the Director of Alumni Relations Centre, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Arba’ie Sujud, this is a responsibility and trust given by the alumni to be managed accordingly.

“This endowment is a great appreciation by the alumni to the alma mater. It shows the solidarity of the alumni towards al-Falah. In the Vice Chancellor Narrative 2022 had stated “to engage alumni for university sustainability” towards the university’s success locally and internationally. This contribution has also shown a collaboration between alumni and the university to assist students with great potential but limited resource to achieve success. With this contribution will be a turning point for them to follow their dreams and achieve success,” he said.

Date of Input: 12/07/2022 | Updated: 07/08/2022 | suziana.wil


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