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16 May 2019: Mawaddah Ramadan helps UPM asnaf students

SERDANG, 15 May 2019 – Alumni Centre successfully organised Mawaddah Ramadan programme in conjunction with Iftar Mega Putra 2019 that will be held at the Dewan Besar, PKKSSAAS, UPM. The project provided iftar meal to fasting students (asnaf) which 600 packs chicken rice were distributed to students.

Director of Alumni Centre, Prof. Dr. Hazandy said, “This beautiful tradition enables people to get closer and revitalises the feelings of helping one another and of generosity, as well. Alumni Centre hopes that this project will be able to ease the burden on UPM students in celebrating this glorious Ramadan month.


Alumni Centre would like to express its heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to those alumni who in many ways have contributed to the success of the Mawaddah Ramadan programme. Alumni Centre also recorded its thanks to Student Affairs Division (BHEP) and the entities under the Deputy Vice-Chancellor Office (Student Affairs and Alumni) for giving room and opportunity to the Alumni Centre to participate in the Iftar Mega Putra programmes that held for the first time. Strong collaboration in ensuring the smooth running of the programme has been successful and hopefully this programme will be organised again in the coming year.


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