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16 February 2019: UPM Alumni Mentorship 2019

SERDANG 16 Feb - UPM Alumni Mentorship 2019 in collaboration with Chapter Alumni UPM YOSH was held at the Auditorium Rashdan Baba, Level 3, Deputy Vice-Chancellor Building (Research and Innovation). The program was started with a welcome speech from the Honourable, Prof. Dr. Mohd Roslan Sulaiman, Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Student Affairs & Alumni (HEPA).

The UPM Alumni Mentorship 2019 program is divided into three sessions, first session is the Partnership Alumni Mentorship Forum with the title of "Strengthening Relations of Alumni and Student in Empowering Holistic Graduates in the 21st Century". This session was successfully performed by panelists who are also UPM Alumni namely Mr. Muhammad Azri Abdul Jalil, Chairman of the YOSH Alumni UPM Chapter (Alumni Class 2015); Mrs. Nurul Shidah Md Yasan, Executive Data and Analysis Management (Alumni Class 2007); Mr. Muazamir Haji Jili, Deputy Director, Selangor State Youth and Sports Department (Alumni Class 1999) while moderator is Miss Hani Nadirah Basir, Student of Faculty of Educational Studies, UPM.


The program continues with the second session of the Pitching Competition (YOSH Project Manager) divided into four presentation themes namely Youth and Volunteer, Youth and Technology, Youth and Entrepreneurship and Tomorrow Leader while the last session is Neuro Lingusitic Program - Leadership and Communication Skills by Facilitator NLP, Mrs. Siti Norain Samad and Mrs. Kamariah Derasol.

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