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Alumni Giving Back to Alma mater

by : Suziana Che Wil

Alumni continues to contribute to student well -being and a sign of unity with Alma Mater. Each contribution made by the alumni shows that caring and alumni have played their role so highly. These attitudes and concerns actually benefit UPM students who need help especially funding contributing to the existence of alumni scholarships, device contributions and even sharing knowledge and expertise in their respective fields.


UPM's alumni (AIS) information system has a total of 136,989 registered alumni. With this large number, if the alumni only contributes RM10 per month, many students can help and they can also finish their studies successfully.


In this regard, the launch of the 1 Alumni 1 Sumbangan Ringgit  is seen as an initiative in collecting funding from highly relevant and burdensome alumni. Imagine only RM1 donations can help students who need financial resources to continue their studies.


The UPM Alumni Relations Center (ARCUPM) is committed to finding this source of funding for students who want to continue their studies. In addition, the contributions of these alumni also allow the university to continue diversifying the pilot project that will bring success to the university and its entire citizens.


Therefore, alumni out there are welcome to return to contributing to Alma Mater as a thank you for what the university has given them to this day. Let's alumni together contribute for the sake of university.



Date of Input: 31/08/2022 | Updated: 14/10/2022 | suziana.wil


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