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As stakeholders, alumni also assist in outreaching to other stakeholders, namely, industries, friends of the university, and local or international organisations. These stakeholders may have an interest in collaborating with their alma mater for academic, research and commercialisation purposes in line with the University’s strategic plans. Alumni Centre acts as secretariat for Yayasan Pak Rashid to manage and assist in student scholarly development and to award medal and prizes ‘YPR Gold Medal Award’ to any outstanding students. YPR also provides a financial loan to the student who needs temporary assistance to fund their study. Alumni Centre also manage Soh Kim Mee Scholarship that will be given to the Diploma and Bachelor Student in Agriculture programme.

Alumni Centre consist 16 staff include Management & Professional dan Support staff. We are committed to giving our best services in enhancing alumni-Alma mater relations towards UPM excellence.

Alumni Centre has received courtesy visits from Alumni Office, Institute of Higher Education in Malaysia and International every year. Approximately 2-3 courtesy visits/delegates come from various Alumni Office such as Universiti Utara Malaysia, Universiti Teknologi Mara, Institut Pertanian Bogor and much more.

A Trip Like no Other
I took up a break from busy schedule in UPM for a few days to go places with the loved ones. This time around we headed towards Turkey, a country steeped in history and culture. People often says if you are looking for an adventure or something different, go to Turkey where Roman and Ottoman culture (including artifacts and/or ruins) are retained at their best to show visitors.
Alumni Passion and Compassion Initiatives
Conferment of the Title of Emeritus Professor
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Alumni Collaboration for Business Opportunity
In effort to improve and expand Universiti Putra Malaysia’s alumni network, Alumni Centre UPM has always been committed in planning and performing various activities and programmes involving the alumni in sustaining a lasting and consistent bond between the alumni and Alma Mater.

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