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Handover of the Al-Quran Donation from the Ade Azhar Foundation for ARCUPM Staff

Written and Translated by: Nur Sara Hazeqqa

Edited by: Suziana Che Wil


Serdang, April 4th - The UPM Alumni Relations Centre (ARCUPM) received a donation of 20 copies of the Al-Quran from Yayasan Ade Azhar to be distributed among the ARCUPM staff. This donation is an appreciation and token of thanks for the collaboration between Yayasan Ade Azhar and ARCUPM in conjunction with the Musaadah 4.0 Program held on March 18 and 21.

During the program, Yayasan Ade Azhar generously handed over nearly 600 copies of the Al-Quran from donors to be distributed to the community, especially to schools in need around Serdang. With the blessings of Ramadan, the entrusted donation was successfully held. Seven schools benefited from the distribution of the Al-Quran, which was carried out in two phases.

Mr. Fahmi as the representative from Yayasan Ade Azhar, stated, "These copies were donated to the ARCUPM staff as a token of our gratitude for the collaboration in distributing the Al-Quran from donors to nearby schools in the Serdang district that had requested them. We are also grateful that this distribution program went smoothly, and the schools were very happy with the Al-Quran they had received."

ARCUPM welcomes any form of collaboration with the external community, especially UPM alumni, to jointly bring benefits to those in need, particularly UPM staff and students.

Date of Input: 05/04/2024 | Updated: 26/04/2024 | hazeqqa


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