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A Trip Like no Other

I took up a break from busy schedule in UPM for a few days to go places with the loved ones. This time around we headed towards Turkey, a country steeped in history and culture. People often says if you are looking for an adventure or something different, go to Turkey where Roman and Ottoman culture (including artifacts and/or ruins) are retained at their best to show visitors. Hence, for that very reason my wife (Fadzilah) and I with my daughter (Syazana) visited that country on April 13-22, 2019. The photos given below explains it all.

The first day in Istanbul, the business capital of Turkey


A special pose in the street of Istanbul for the album

The sunset in Istanbul is something not to miss by tourists. The above photo was taken after dinner at a floating Turkish restaurant in Istanbul near the main bridge connecting Asia and Europe.

Sunset in Istanbul is something worth waiting for


The quest for Black Tulip

Go to Istanbul and see tulip. That will make you happy and live happily ever after. For all you know, Istanbul Tulip Festival is held in spring every year. While in Turkey, we did not miss the chance to see tulip blooming at its best in Emirgan Tulip Gardens, Istanbul. For all intents and purposes, it was a dream came true for me. I have seen tulip before, at a miniature garden in the Netherlands, but it is not the same as seeing it at the place of the origin, which is Turkey. Of particular interest to me then was to see black tulip, a rare species immortalized in the novel – The Black Tulip - written by Alexandre Dumas. I was glad to spot the some black tulip in the garden. Thus, mission accomplished, I guess.

Black tulip spotted at the Emirgan Tulip Gardens, Istanbul

Other tulip of various shades of colors seen in the Emirgan Tulip Gardens are shown below. The sights and sounds in the garden was amazing, to say the least. Tulip in the garden was so beautiful and spectacular, like it was in heaven – never seen before in any garden I have visited all over the world, including Malaysia. Men and women from all walks of lives from the four corners of the globe were there to see tulip in full bloom.


Article wrote by Prof. Dr. Shamshuddin Jusop, Editor UPM Alumni Magazine Serdang Sun

Date of Input: 15/05/2019 | Updated: 28/03/2023 | hafzaini


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