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Warisan Budi Clock Tower Montage Video Discussion


Translation by : Nur Diyana Izan (FBMK Internship Student)

SERDANG, 11 Oct – Warisan Budi Clock Tower construction is still in its beginning stages. Alumni Relations Centre UPM had a discussion with the Creative Media Section, Centre for Corporate Strategy and Relations in providing a montage video for the clock tower.

The objective of providing this montage video is to convey important information and also as one of the broadcast materials about Warisan Budi Clock Tower which is now waiting for its construction in January 2023. Furthermore, this montage will serve as one of the marketing strategies for the clock tower, which will serve as a new landmark for Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM). 

With a strategic position facing the UPM Main Hall, the clock tower will become a focal point for student gatherings, especially during a convocation ceremony. Symbolically, Warisan Budi Clock Tower is a priceless icon to the UPM community, especially to alumni that had contributed to its construction.


Date of Input: 31/10/2022 | Updated: 19/01/2023 | suziana.wil


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