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UPM DULU-DULU Reminiscing UPM 50 Years Nostalgia

By: Siti Nur`Ain Feisal

SERDANG - In conjunction with UPM Golden Jubilee Celebrations (1971-2021), a group of UPM alumni has collaborated hand in hand thus creating and administering UPM DULU-DULU Facebook in celebrating UPM 50 Years in the new norm through the said social media platform.

Alumni Relations Centre UPM Assistant Registrar, Nik Hafzaini Nik Hassan stated that Alumni Relations Centre and UPM wholeheartedly supported this pristine intention in bringing back alumni to alma mater.

"They came from different eras and backgrounds. There were stories and nostalgia has been retold hence devotedly brings a sense of love towards university. Importantly, through this group alumni database are also updated, posting ethics will be monitored by Alumni Relations Centre to preserve UPM and its resident sensitivity," she commented.

UPM DULU-DULU group admin is administered by alumni industry Shahrudin Mahadi, Zulkifli Ahmad and Mohd Razman Faizal Sulaiman. This group was created on June 1 2021 and currently has cumulatively reached 7,000 alumni. In addition, this group was created to encourage the sense of togetherness between alumni and alma mater hence bridging them to stay connected. 

Among the alumni, Ghazali Salamat (Alumni Class of 1971) from College of Agriculture Malaya recollects the memory of soaking in the mud during orientation week.

"The juniors were forced to soak in the mud wearing shorts. The story was now a precious memory to them. After the orientation, the relationship between seniors and juniors became close and they assist each other in the study as well as college life".

May 13, 1969, the Riots experience was also shared by alumni. At that time, the learning session had to be stopped for a while due to the riot and resumed a year later.

Each posting displays a different struggle strived for a piece of scroll. Today, it is a synonym for students whose studies were disrupted due to COVID-19 which is recorded as history for future generations.

The Solar Bowl

UPM DULU-DULU Facebook also mentioned that every UPM student must know the story of the Solar Bowl which is said to be an urban legend. 

Director of Alumni Relations Centre UPM, Associated Professor Dr. Arba'ie Sujud said many tales have been told by the seniors to juniors about the answers to the crater located in the campus. Only in 2021, the story behind the solar bowl is known.

"Former UPM students who have never been here, you have not yet explored Serdang campus covering almost 8.8 hectares.

"Some alumni even recorded their name on the crater tower as a sign they have been there.

"It is very nostalgic if recalled. That was a campus life, and it could not be found elsewhere. Surely many former students are intrigued to know about the solar bowl, therefore you are invited to register on UPM DULU-DULU Facebook," he commented.

Date of Input: 11/06/2021 | Updated: 01/07/2021 | alif.isnain


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