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Courtesy Visit to Saudagar Nanas

Translation by         : Siti Nur`Ain Feisal

Editor                     : Nik Hafzaini Nik Hassan

SUNGAI MERAB, 11 Feb – Alumni Relations Centre UPM (ARCUPM) went for a courtesy visit with Noorhardy Mohd Noorzain, alumni class 1999 and 2002. He graduated with Diploma in Human Resource Development and a Bachelor of Science (Human Resource Development).

The visit was held at his pineapple plantation, Saudagar Nanas located at Sungai Merab, Selangor. During the session, Noorhardy had a glimpse of his days at UPM. ARCUPM is keen to build a network with him for a sharing session on pineapple plantation management, especially for agriculture students.   

According to him, he has been wanting to contribute back to UPM in terms of his expertise in pineapple plantations.

“I would like to share my experience, journey and knowledge with UPM students. My days at UPM especially in the Reserve Officer Training Unit (ROTU) have taught me the meaning of life, struggle, perseverance, and friendship which led to my success today. The best platform for me to contribute is my alma mater and it is hoped it will benefit the students and UPM community,” he said.   

ARCUPM always welcomes alumni to contribute back to the university in various ways for its students and community.

Date of Input: 27/02/2023 | Updated: 17/03/2023 | suziana.wil


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