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Clock Tower Construction Second Meeting

Translation by: Adillah Anuar (FBMK Trainee)

SERDANG - The second meeting of the Clock Tower construction between UPM and the consultant was held at the Development and Asset Management Office, UPM.

The construction of Warisan Budi Clock Tower is expected to start construction work starting in January 2023 and is expected to be fully completed in June 2024.

With a construction cost of up to RM1.4 million as a result of contributions from UPM alumni, staff, individuals and all UPM citizens, the Warisan Budi Clock Tower will become a new landmark for UPM towards an internationally renowned university.

The project that was conceived since 2006 and for 16 years was delayed due to financial constraints, but as a result of everyone's efforts in 2022 a total of RM1.4 million in accumulated funds has enabled this project to continue with the wishes and pride of all UPM citizens including the alumni who have contributed to the construction this clock tower.

Even more special, the LED clock that will be displayed at the clock tower is also the result of a donation from UPM alumni Norashedy Ab Rashid from Usaha Jana Sdn. Bhd.

The togetherness and cooperation shown to the alumni has yielded results and success when projects that have been delayed for so long are now in the process or construction phase.

In the Vice-Chancellor's Narrative 2022, the 11th Aspiration ‘Alumni Engagement for University Sustainability’ has shown results. This is what is meant by this aspiration when all parties embrace it and take it as a shared responsibility.

Date of Input: 30/09/2022 | Updated: 11/04/2023 | suziana.wil


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