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Nanjing Here I Come

Mention China in any meeting everywhere in the world, right away something comes out of our mind. First and foremost, China is a new industrial giant in the East that matches the might of or could bring United States to its knees in not too far distant future. That it is so is evidenced by her rapid rate of industrialization and economic output comparable to none in the East and West. Be that as it may, China is generous and willing to share her wealth/bounty with the rest of the world, especially with the people in Southeast Asian countries, e.g. Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. Recently, I was in Nanjing to attend a forum and to meet as well as having a meaningful discussion with my research collaborators in Nanjing Agricultural University (NAU).

Let me say this, if I may. For all you know, right now NAU is one of best in business in the field of agricultural sciences in China. The 2019 International Forum on Innovations in Food, Land, Energy and Water System in Asia held at Jiangsu Conference Center, Nanjing on May 22-25, 2019 was a special initiative to show to the world that China is keeping her promise. I went to China this time around to get to know the prime movers and others attending the very important Nanjing meeting and to take note of what was going on in the meeting. Hopefully, Malaysia would be joining them in future meetings or dialogues. My trip to Nanjing was made possible by a special fund, courtesy of Professor Ziaorong Fan from the College of Resources and Environmental Sciences, Nanjing Agricultural University, Nanjing.

A special photo taken for the album with Professor Fan (middle)

I have been told that NAU is one of best agricultural universities in China. Well, it sure is considering its strategic location in China – Nanjing is one of the former capitals of the imperial China. With the student population of about 40,000, NAU has what it takes to be a university par excellence in future. I have visited the laboratories where Professor Fan was working and I was impressed by the kind of research and development the academics and students there were conducting, trying to solve the problems facing agricultural production in the country. By the way, Professor Fan is a trained and/or renowned molecular biologist in China. I may not understand much of what she has being doing in the sophisticated laboratories of the College of Resources and Environmental Sciences of NAU, but we can rest assured that the results of her research/studies have contributed greatly to nation building for the good of mankind.