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ICT Services System (SPICT)

Want to know your PTJ ICT Section Head and staff? The ICT Section of PTJ, User Support Division, iDEC is divided into 8 ICT sections:

1. ICT Engineering and Architecture Section
2. Computer Science and Information Technology ICT Section
3. Agriculture and Forestry ICT Section
4. Medical and Veterinary ICT Section
5. Biotechnology and Environmental ICT Section
6. Social Science ICT Section
7. Administrative ICT Section


Complaints or support services related to ICT?

Please access the http://spict.upm.edu.my web site and click on the UPM-ID Login icon to create a relevant application.

iDEC is always trying to provide the best service. For more information, please contact iDEC Helpdesk at 03-8947 1990 or the ICT Section at PTJ.

Date of Input: 14/03/2017 | Updated: 22/10/2018 | nazlina


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