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Exclusive UPM Gold Bar

By: Suziana Che Wil 

Editor: Nik Hafzaini Nik Hassan 

Translator: Amjad Hakimi Adam & Tahera Redha Nasser Redha Al Redha (UPM Internship Students 2022)


October 29, 2021, was a historic day for Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) because on this day UPM celebrated 50 years of its establishment as a university. UPM which was developed in Serdang, was initially known as Universiti Pertanian Malaysia. At that time, there were only three founding faculties namely the Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Forestry, and Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science.

On 3 April 1997, the name of Universiti Pertanian Malaysia was changed to Universiti Putra Malaysia. This change is seen in line with UPM's status as a center of higher learning that covers various fields, especially science and technology which are necessary for the development of the country in the new millennium.

UPM's 50th Golden Jubilee Celebration this year was celebrated in a new norm. Even in the application of the new norms, it does not hinder the programs / activities that have been planned. In fact, some of the planned programs have received great recognition among the UPM Alumni Golden Fit 2021 programs. It has received the largest participation from alumni, a total of 6202 entries and is eligible for recognition from The Malaysia Book of Records.

Apart from that, the success of the UPM 50 Years Virtual Exhibition was also successfully carried out. Even special is the UPM 50th Anniversary Souvenir, Gold Bar. This Exclusive Gold Bar is a project that was held for the first time as a sign of remembrance and appreciation in depicting the perseverance, resilience, and commitment of UPM citizens during the 50 years of university development. This exclusive souvenir is also a project "Bersama Kita Membeli Sambil Menyumbang" to UPM's development excellence.

This Gold Bar booking has been made on a pre-order basis and in September 2021, every booking made has been successfully handed over to its owner. Gold Bar reservations are open to all interested parties whether UPM residents, alumni, retirees, university friends, and the general public. The Gold Bar has received a high response from alumni who especially want to donate back to the alma mater.




Date of Input: 20/01/2022 | Updated: 06/04/2022 | hafzaini


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