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Youth Preserve Culture in ALUMNI P.K.P programme Series 23

2 October 2020, UPM - During these difficult times due to COVID-19 pandemic, ACUPM is pleased to provide many ways for our alumni to stay connected to UPM and alumni community. Alumni P.K.P is a webinar series bringing together alumni professionals in the community to share their expertise and work experiences with the students, staff and community. 

The Alumni P.K.P Programme series 23 was presented by Mr. Adidi Tamin (Alumni Class 2001), Cultural Officer, Student’s Affair Division, UPM. This sharing entitled "Youth Preserve Culture".

The speaker shared his experiences in conducting cultural programmes and managing student cultural groups for the competitions either locally or abroad. According to him, youth should know and be interested in the culture of the nation and preserve it so that this culture remains relevant in the future.

The program successfully attracted 57 participants in the Cisco Webex site and 562 views on live streaming of UPM Alumni Facebook.

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