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By : Nur Diyana Izan

Editor : Nik Hafzaini Nik Hassan 

SERDANG, JUN 23 - In conjunction with the final exam of Semester 2, Session 2021/2022, the Student Representative Council 2021/2022 organised a yasin, tahlil, and hajat prayer event with the cooperation of the Alumni Relations Centre, Islamic Center, Student Affairs Division (BHEP), and College 13.

The Vice-Chancellor of UPM, YH. Prof. Dato' Dr. Roslan Sulaiman, as well as college presidents, students, and university representatives were also present during the occasion.

Prof. Dato' Roslan stated at the event that he wants students to take use of the chance to review their courses and have conversations using the different media and channels available, particularly online.

Students are advised to take care of their health and stay away from crowded areas as they get ready for their final examinations to prevent getting sick. This is in light of the fact that Malaysia is still unable to defeat the Covid-19 pandemic at this time.

"I pray for all the students to be encouraged and given the serenity to face the exam and then answer the questions calmly," he said.

A yasin and tahlil recitation for the late Tun Arshad Ayub, a member of the UPM class of 1954 (Agricultural College) and a National Education Hero who passed away on June 14th, was also held at the occasion.


In the meantime, Mohammad Haziq Zikri Zainuri, the president of the YDP and a student at the MPP, hoped that the message and directive issued by the Vice-Chancellor would serve as a reminder and a protection for him and his friends during the final test from July 12 to July 25, 2022.

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