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By : Siti Nor Azielah Mohamad

SERDANG, 24th March – An Hour with UPM’s Alumni that organized by Alumni Relations Centre had presented Mr Hj. Muhd Azharuddin Hj Che Azman, Elrah Exclusive Manager (Alumni Class 1998) as the invited panel. The program was also attended by Mr Fahmi Azar Mistar, Deputy Director of UPM Alumni Relations Centre. This slot explores the sharing of experiences, challenges and principles of Mr Hj. Muhd Azharuddin Hj Che Azman life. The program was conducted online through the Cisco Webex and Facebook UPM Alumni Relations Centre which takes place at 11.00 am.

Mr Hj. Muhd Azharuddin Hj Che Azman shared about his experience while studying. He called on students to be actively involved co-curricular, cultural, entrepreneurial and recreational activities. The activities carried out can train students to be the best as well as proficient in a field. He also stated that in order to make a student proficient, it is necessary to have technique and experience. He also advised students to balance between learning and co-curricular activities so as not to be left behind.

He also provides insights on career choices whether permanent employment or business. He stressed that, students need to choose a job voluntarily and ask themselves what they like and dislike. He added that the university is an opportunity to gain experience and plan for the future. At university, students can learn how to communicate and solve a problem. He also stated that, the beginning is very important when in the world of work because it is a determination with the choices made. Therefore, career choice is very important because we will have more fun with what we do.

Deputy Director of the UPM Alumni Relations Centre, Mr Fahmi Azar Mistar stressed that the challenges today are greater than the challenges in the past due to the rapid pace of technology and competition with the smart and qualified. He added that students need to improve their self-quality so that they can face the future more smoothly. He also fully supports such programs because it can open the minds of students and guide them to face the challenges ahead.

This programme had received a very encouraging response among the UPM staffs and students and was successfully reached almost 270 views.

Date of Input: 30/03/2021 | Updated: 30/03/2021 | msahrizan


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