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Sejam Bersama Alumni (SEBA) Series 23 – Skills are Crucial Element to Success

Translation: Siti Nur'Ain Feisal

Editing by: Nik Hafzaini Nik Hassan

SERDANG – Sejam Bersama Alumni (SEBA) Series 23 on air again on Webex platform and Alumni Relations Centre official Facebook. Series 23 featured alumni class of 2019, Noorazeaty Maulad Mohd Khalif from the Faculty of Human Ecology to share success stories and experiences with UPM students and staff. 

With the moderator from Alumni Relations Centre, Abdul Waffy Ubaidillah, the one-hour sharing session has provided many tips, experiences, and also means to establish one's career. The knowledge is very useful for students who are about to graduate and also those who have graduated but are still in search to secure a job.   

In the previous series, SEBA had featured many alumni who shared their stories and experiences on Alumni Relations Centre official Facebook and Webex. To some extent, this program provides a way for alumni to assist prospective graduates to plan their journey after graduation. 

In this series, Noorazeaty expertise in Finacial Planning had given beneficial knowledge and tips for future graduates. Noorazeaty or preferred to be known as Zeaty advised UPM students to always polish their skills. Today, many had acquired certificates but are limited in skills.   

In order to be successful, skills are very crucial. Through skills abundance of opportunities can be explored. She realised from a young age she was taught business skills by her family. From the age of nine, she has been taught business skills.  

She brought the skills until she furthers her education at Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM). During the day she is busy with classes, while at night she spent on college activities and business. She added that students need to be conscious of their strengths and weaknesses. Identify what can be potentially polished.

In addition, wisely seized opportunities and always be positive are ways to be successful. Every day say good things to bring out a positive spirit. You need to believe what is being said is what you will get. Therefore, if every day you say about success, then success will come to you. 

Do not be ashamed to ask and to join clubs and associations. It is the best place to upskill communication and leadership skills, hence before graduating students need to gain knowledge as much as possible.

“With the knowledge that differentiates us from others. It is true that anyone can succeed but succeed with knowledge is more meaningful and satisfying,” she concluded.   


Date of Input: 08/06/2021 | Updated: 13/08/2021 | alif.isnain


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