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Read@Uni Laman Al-Falah ARCUPM Evaluation

 Translation by : Adillah Anuar

SERDANG - The evaluation session of the Read@Uni Laman Al-Falah, Alumni Relations Centre UPM was held. Two evaluators from Sultan Abdul Samad Library, Nazibah Kamaruddin and Khairul Anwar Zulkifli were present at the evaluation session which took place on 15 September 2022.

Read@Uni Laman Al-Falah ARCUPM has experienced a lot of changes especially from the point of view of its location. Previously, Read@Uni Laman Al-Falah ARCUPM was located in a small corner of the meeting room, and now it has been moved to an open space in front of the main entrance of the ARCUPM office.

This is in line with the goal of Read@Uni Laman Al-Falah, which is to be a place or corner that will provide convenience to all visitors, not only to ARCUPM’s staff but also to all UPM community, especially students.

Speaking at the launch of Read@Uni Laman Al-Falah ARCUPM, Director of ARCUPM, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Arba'ie Sujud, intends this corner to be beneficial to others, especially students. Free Little Library and a laptop for access to the internet are also provided. He said, what is desired by YH. Dato' Vice-Chancellor of UPM, 'Sederap Melangkah Menuju Al-Falah’ needs to be fuelled with a deeper appreciation, which is with love for knowledge.

To revive Read@Uni Laman Al-Falah ARCUPM, every week there will be a sharing from ARCUPM staff. This is one of the initiatives used to foster a reading culture, and revive Read@Uni Laman Al-Falah ARCUPM and thus the knowledge is shared with others.

ARCUPM would like to sincerely thank the judges who attended and gave positive comments to encourage Read@Uni Laman Al-Falah ARCUPM to continue to be used in beneficial matters.


Date of Input: 30/09/2022 | Updated: 11/04/2023 | suziana.wil


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