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Alumni Relations Centre Hands Over Eid Contribution to Orphans and Asnaf of As-Solihin

By : Suziana Che Wil 

Translation by : Siti Nur'Ain Feisal 


BANTING – Alumni Relations Centre Universiti Putra Malaysia (ARCUPM) through the seventh series of Tautan Mahabbah has celebrated 40 orphans and asnaf from Rumah As-Solihin located at Kanchong Darat, Banting, Selangor.

This year programme focused on the concept of sharing with community in need and was held on a special occasion which is Nuzul al-Quran on 8 April 2023, has successfully handed over a donation of RM13,000.00 to the management of Rumah As-Solihin which includes home appliances such as ceiling fans, wardrobes, clothing, green envelope, and other essential need.

Contributions from alumni, individuals and corporate entities have been handed over by the Director of Alumni Relations Centre, Assoc. Prof. Dr Arba’ie Sujud to the founder of Rumah As-Solihin, Molyana Mahmud.

“Tautan Mahabbah has entered its seventh year of implementation and this year ARCUPM has succeeded in getting large contributions from UPM alumni, Assoc. Prof. Dr Hamisah Hassan, which has been consistently contributed for the programme. What is being pursued is a reflection of the commitment of UPM alumni in realising university’s mission as anticipated by UPM Vice-Chancellor, Dato’ Prof. Dr Mohd Roslan Sulaiman, to strengthen the networking between alumni, community and university. Alumni Relations Centre also targets in the future that this programme not only limited to monetary contributions and essentials need, but also contributions in terms of expertise from alumni to spread benefits to the community in line with UPM concept as a tower of knowledge. This is in line with the slogan “With Knowledge We Serve” which portrays UPM community concern towards the implemented programmes,” he commented at the handing over session.


Tautan Mahabbah 7.0 will be followed with Mawaddah Ramadan which focuses on UPM students with the implementation of Iftar Mega, which is the distribution of iftar meals to all UPM students and community. The concept of sharing is balanced between concern for the community and B40 and asnaf UPM students.

This balance shows that the program carried out takes into account the needs of all communities in the context of creating a civil society that is advanced in terms of thought and also spirituality.



Date of Input: 13/04/2023 | Updated: 03/07/2023 | suziana.wil


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