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By : Farhana binti Roslan

SERDANG, 8th February - The 28th P.K.P Alumni (Prihatin. Kolaboratif. Proaktif) series organized by the Alumni Relations Centre had presented a renowned sport personality, Mohd Azlan Abdul Mubin, a sports caster, Astro Arena (Alumni Class 2009). Sharing his experiences and expertise in this program that entitled "S&S: Sports & Stress". This slot emphasized about stress topic and its connection in sports which received a very encouraging response among alumni, students, UPM citizen campus and virtual community. Over 240 audiences joined the programme virtually through Webex Cisco application which takes place within 3.00 to 4.15 p.m.

According to Mr. Azlan Mubin, stress emphasized a person's physical, emotional and mental response towards any changes. Having stress is normal and it happens naturally and it is not a disease. Apart from that, stress can lead towards anxiety and should the individual fails to control, the condition will lead towards more serious problem such as depression. Anxiety refers to the attitude of individuals with a constant negative thoughts, while depression involves past experiences which causes the individual to worry about problem that were unsolved. Therefore, uncontrolled stress will lead towards anxiety and depression.


He shared on two types of stress, which are eustress (good stress) and distress (bad stress). Eustress refers to a positive stress type which can motivate a person to make a move for something to succeed. On the other hand, distress is a type that gives a negative impact where the individual have no self-motivation and refuse to solve problems or achieve something they desired.


He also added on a good stress handling, such as by eating healthy food, having an adequate sleep, social supports from family and friends and playing sports. Sports is a stress therapy and can be carried out outdoor such as cycling and jogging. Rope skipping, body stretching and Tabata (a form of high intensity physical training) can be carried out inside the house. Sports helps in reducing stress as the individual moves their body physically, the cardiovascular system can function properly and automatically helps in controlling stress. Apart from that, he also emphasized on the importance of communication. In terms of family and career, communications represent a very important element nowadays such as communication within the partner, children and the environment.


At the end of the program, Mr. Mohd Azlan Abdul Mubin and the Alumni Relations Centre also promoted the UPM Alumni Golden Fit (Golden Box), a discount coupon of RM5 and last for an hour after the program ended. UPM Alumni Golden Fit registration starts on 5th February 2021 to 31st March 2021.

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