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Mission to Bring UPM@Everest

By : Siti Nur`Ain Feisal

Editor : Nik Hafzaini Nik Hassan 

SERDANG – An initial discussion for Expedition Mission UPM@Everest was held at the Alumni Relations Centre UPM (ARCUPM) with Prof. Dr. Mohd Roslan Sulaiman, Vice Chancellor of Universiti Putra Malaysia.  

Together in the discussion were ARCUPM Director, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Arba’ie Sujud, Deputy Director, Fahmi Azar Mistar and Ravichandran Tharumalingam, UPM alumni class of 1990 who will take UPM to the peak of the world, Everest.  

Prior to the discussion, on 11 February 2022 UPM Vice Chancellor has completed the gimmick launching of UPM Expedition to the World Summit in the Vice Chancellor’s Narrative 2022 with the theme “Sederap Melangkah Menuju al-Falah”.  

UPM@Everest mission coincides with the 11th Aspirations which were proclaimed by the Vice Chancellor in the Vice Chancellor’s Narrative 2022, to engage alumni for university sustainability.   

The expedition is expected to begin in mid-March and end in July 2022 which can be watched by all through TikTok@UniPutra which will record and document Ravichandhran’s journey to Mount Everest.  


Date of Input: 28/02/2022 | Updated: 04/04/2022 | suziana.wil


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