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Megachilli Project 2021 Workshop Series 4, Fertigation Chilli Crop Management

By: Siti Nur`Ain Feisal


SERDANG – Megachili Project 2021 Workshop Series 4 was held virtually on 10 July 2021. In this series the alumni mentor is the Klang District Agriculture Officer, Ahmad Nazri Abdullah Zawawi alumni class of 2000 and 2015.


This is the second time he is invited as alumni mentor. Prior to this, he was involved in the Rock Melon Cultivation Project organised by the Alumni Relations Centre UPM and Centre of Entrepreneurial Development and Graduate Marketability in collaboration with Faculty of Agriculture, Student Representative Council and Malaysian Agro Entrepreneurial Club for University Students (MyAgrosis) and TPU which provides two hectares land. Its success was proven in March 2021 with three tonnes of rock melon harvesting.  


The success of the cultivation of rock melon could be the benchmark for the cultivation of Megachilli 2021. Once again, Ahmad Azri as the alumni mentor shared his experience so that this effort will also succeed and become a portfolio for UPM graduate agricultural graduates.


The workshop conducted via Zoom showed the enthusiasm of the participants when almost all representatives of residential colleges, including the Sri Rajang campus in Bintulu attended the workshop.


"Fertigation plants are an alternative to conventional crops and most importantly this type of crop is suitable for the cultivation of fruit type vegetables such as chillies, tomatoes, lady fingers and cucumber. So in conducting the Megachilli Project 2021 using fertigation methods is very appropriate," he commented.


Ahmad Nazri highlighted on techniques and tips to choose project sites as well as their responsibilities in planting. The aspect that needs to be identified is the sun lighting, land areas whether easily flattened or otherwise, should avoid project sites with strong wind paths, there needs to be adequate water resources and also need good infrastructure.


In the workshop, the panel also emphasised to the participants to utilise the knowledge given by the alumni mentor optimally. In fact, participants who had previously participated in the rock melon project could also apply their previous knowledge and experience to the project.


"I also hope there will be a sharing knowledge from the agriculture participants to the non-agriculture participants. Large scale fertigation project is a group work and if it is communicated clearly surely brings to project’s success.” He added.


At the end of the workshop, Ahmad Nazri reminded the participants that they should implement the basics of agriculture and cultivate positive mind set. According to him, any technology reliant task is 30 percent while another 70 percent comes from knowledge and manpower.

"Use the opportunities provided by the university to practice your knowledge with guidance from mentors who are expert in agriculture. Field learning at this university is the best channel before you really get involved in this career afterwards," he said.


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