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Everest: The Ravichandran Partnership's Experiences Flying the UPM Flag

By : Nur Diyana Izan

Editor : Nik Hafzaini Nik Hassan 

SERDANG – UPM alumni Ravichandran Tharumalingam, class of 1990, successfully carried out the mission at Top of World@Everest. The historic complete date of 12 Mel 2022, which is off, has been documented as the glory's first performance by its own alumni.

Throughout the three-month voyage, which took place from May to June 2022, they demonstrated a strong desire to bring about a successful outcome for the entire UPM community. The success of Ravichandran was able to inspire UPM students, particularly in the development of gentleness and individuality.

At the event, which was also held at the Alumni Relations Centre Eid aidilfitri Celebration, he said his challenge in the third year was not only to bring his personal dreams, but also to bring the dreams and hopes of all UPM staff as well as the two climbers who were with him who wanted to reach the highest peak of the world. must first plan a particular motion before carrying it out.”He said.

Hopefully, the partnership's advantages will benefit students, especially in helping them succeed.

“Students need to put a target in themselves, what they want to achieve, strive and do their best. Everything that must be accomplished must have a plan. Along with me, reaching the top of the world's tallest peak is no easy feat.


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