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Environment Live Green at ARCUPM


By : Nur Diyana Izan

Editor : Nik Hafzaini Nik Hassan 

SERDANG, JULY 30 - There has been a green sustainability program at the UPM Alumni Transportation Center (ARCUPM) which has been accompanied by ARCUPM staff. The program, which was held for nearly three hours, included a mini-garden cleaning at the ARCUPM entrance at the back.

The programme, which was run by the ARCUPM Public Sector Conducive Ecosystem Promotion Committee (EKSA), was directed by Ms. Aida Fitri Peli and focused on improving the mini-garden in order to support the EKSA practice there.

Following the session, a Best Original recycle Practice Match will be held to encourage the original recycling culture among ARCUPM workers while protecting the environment from the contamination of household waste that is dumped ethically.

Additionally, this internal competition and programme is also amongst actions in enhancing the tradition of using EKSA at work. Such activities can also strengthen teamwork so that everyone works together to produce a more welcoming, secure, and clean working environment.

Previously, the EKSA kick-off at ARCUPM began in February 2022 and was periodically enhanced and streamlined to be prepared for evaluation later. In order to facilitate the exchange of ideas and viewpoints, ARCUPM also "opened the door" for visits from other Centers of Responsibility (PTJ) throughout the process. To further streamline the use of EKSA in ARCUPM, exit visits are also carried out by ARCUPM.

Date of Input: 31/07/2022 | Updated: 14/10/2022 | suziana.wil


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