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By: Shahirah Alia Azahar 

Editor: Suziana Che Wil

Translation by: Shahirah Alia Azahar


SERDANG, 19 September - In order to develop the culture of the Public Sector Conducive Ecosystem (EKSA), the UPM Alumni Relations Center (ARCUPM) has previously conducted an internal audit to ensure that every staff member is aware of the culture of EKSA practices in their respective Responsibility Centers (PTj).

This audit is carried out with attention so that flaws and deficiencies can be resolved in order to create a more conducive work environment while also providing a more organized, neat, and safe work environment.

EKSA is a rebranded version of the Public Sector 5S Practice. By enhancing elements such as creativity, innovation, and an ideal environment, both the quantity and the caliber of public sector work can be improved in the face of future problems. EKSA's primary goals include improving its corporate image and fostering a culture of green practices in the workplace.

In order to succeed and execute EKSA practice, ARCUPM also appointed a member of PTj's EKSA authority to launch the practice and culture of EKSA at ARCUPM. A Responsible Officer (PYB) designs each corner to guarantee that it is always neat and meets the EKSA guidelines.

In general, EKSA's practice serves as an inspiration for evolution and creativity in the provision of improved services to suit the needs of customers.

This internal audit will also serve as early preparation for officers and staff members to face the official EKSA evaluation, which will be conducted by the appointed jury. Each PTj will be evaluated according to the criteria that have been established.

Every employee has to understand that the purpose of the EKSA internal audit is to guarantee that every employee acknowledges and then practices EKSA's culture in order to work toward a more harmonious, corporate, and organized work culture.

Date of Input: 26/09/2023 | Updated: 16/11/2023 | shahirahalia


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