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Cat Talk Programmes under "Alumni Community" attracts alumni's attention

18 Jan 2020, UPM  - Alumni Centre organised a programme under Alumni Volunteer Ambassador in sub category of Alumni Community. This programme was titled “Cat Talk with Dr. Puteri Azaziah”. Dr. Puteri Azaziah is an alumna of UPM, class of 2005. She is currently working at the UPM Veterinary Hospital. The programme aims to provide opportunities for alumni to learn about pet care and safety. Alumni also shared their experiences, information and emotional support when handled pet care.


Cat Talk has successfully gathered 22 alumni and interestingly they had brought along their cat for a brief checkup session by Dr. Puteri Azaziah.  The talk was impactful and active whereby most of the participants frequently asked questions to our guest speaker.  It is hoped another pet talk will be held again soon in order to increase awareness about their pet’s welfare and definitely to encourage alumni participation back to their alma mater.


Date of Input: 18/02/2020 | Updated: 18/02/2020 | hafzaini


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