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ARCUPM EKSA Evaluation

Translation by: Adillah Anuar (FBMK Trainee)

SERDANG - Public Sector Conducive Ecosystem evaluation at Alumni Relations Centre UPM (ARCUPM) went smoothly. Two auditors were present for the evaluation namely, Nur Farah Hanani Abdul Hamed from the Internal Audit Division and Roziah Hanim Ramli from the Vice Chancellor's Office.

Also present to give encouragement to ARCUPM staff, Director, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Arba'ie Sujud and also the Deputy Director of ARCUPM, Fahmi Azar Mistar.

In his opening speech, he expressed his deepest gratitude to the two auditors who were given the trust and responsibility for EKSA evaluation at ARCUPM.

EKSA at ARCUPM has been given full support by the management of ARCUPM when starting in February 2022, preparations are made in the practice and culture of EKSA at ARCUPM.

Full support from the entire ARCUPM staff by holding mutual cooperation every month to ensure that every detail that is outlined is successfully fully adapted.

This culture of EKSA is also in an effort to create an atmosphere in the workplace that is more systematic, conducive and able to provide better quality service.

5S practices that are practiced indirectly will create a comfortable, clean and orderly atmosphere and environment in the workplace.

ARCUPM fully supports the practice of EKSA and practices EKSA in creating a better, systematic and conducive workplace atmosphere and environment.

Date of Input: 30/09/2022 | Updated: 11/04/2023 | suziana.wil


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