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ARCUPM EKSA 2022 Final League

Translation by: Adillah Anuar (FBMK Trainee)

SERDANG - The 2022 UPM Alumni Relations Centre EKSA league finals have already taken place successfully in the Menara Warisan Budi Room.

Sepak Akhir Liga EKSA ARCUPM 2022: MEKAR VS SEBA was held last September 12. This final is the culmination of the EKSA ARCUPM 2022 appreciation program.

A prize-giving ceremony for all the winners of the EKSA ARCUPM appreciation program was completed by the Deputy Director of ARCUPM as the Chairman of the EKSA ARCUPM Committee, Fahmi Azar Mistar.

This final league organized by the Promotional Committee aims to give ARCUPM staff an appreciation of the practice and culture of EKSA. It also aims to give understanding to all staff who are still new to EKSA practices and culture.

With this activity directly making all staff ready with EKSA information because each answer will be awarded and the score will contribute to the victory of their respective zones.

Until now, the practice and culture of EKSA at ARCUPM is at a satisfactory level as a result of the self-audit that has been done. Hopefully this practice can be continued in the future.

Date of Input: 30/09/2022 | Updated: 11/04/2023 | suziana.wil


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