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Alumni Relations Centre in Collaboration with Trusted Sharks

Translation by         : Siti Nur`Ain Feisal

Editor                     : Nik Hafzaini Nik Hassan 

SERDANG, 11 Nov - Alumni Relations Centre collaborated in selling Serdang Angels merchandise in conjunction with the UPM 46th Convocation. Various Serdang Angels merchandise were sold including clothing and caps.    

UPM Vice-Chancellor, YH. Dato’ Prof. Dr. Roslan Sulaiman visited ARCUPM booth and had a friendly chat with Chapter Student Ambassador (CSA) members who assisted in the sale.

This is part of the student’s effort in polishing their entrepreneurial skills. ARCUPM, UPM alumni and UPM Alumni Association will continuously organise programmes and projects beneficial to UPM students.   

Opening a sales booth and conducting sales through buggy@alumni are among the approach to expose students to entrepreneurship. Students may polish their soft skills in various areas and expertise. Every input and skill will give added value to them, and the knowledge they earned to network with the community is considerably crucial.  

ARCUPM and UPM Alumni Association will continue providing platforms for students to polish their talent and to connect them with alumni for knowledge transfer and expertise sharing.

Date of Input: 30/11/2022 | Updated: 11/01/2023 | suziana.wil


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