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Alumni Putra Cakna Series 1 – Yayasan Pak Rashid Scholarship First Recipient Alumni Sharing

By: Siti Nur' Ain Feisal

Editor: Nik Hafzaini Nik Hassan


SERDANG – Alumni Putra Cakna Series 1 with Dr. Mohd Syafik Mohamad Hamdan, UPM alumni class of 2012 who was the first student to receive a scholarship sponsored by Yayasan Pak Rashid (YPR).


Dr. Mohd Syafik currently works at Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP) as a Research Officer at the Bioaromatic Research Centre, Universiti Malaysia Pahang. The sharing session lasted for an hour through Cisco Webex and also live on UPM Alumni Relations Centre Facebook.


Also attended the programme were the Director of Alumni Relations Centre UPM (ARCUPM) Assoc. Prof. Dr. Arba'ie Sujud, Deputy Director of ARCUPM, Fahmi Azar Mistar, Assistant Registrar of ARCUPM, Nik Hafzaini Nik Hassan, the programme secretariat Sarah Rahim, Syamila Zakaria, ARCUPM staff, and recipients of YPR, Cuckoo and Ombak scholarships.


As the Director of ARCUPM, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Arba'ie urged ARCUPM staff to continue to strive in the search for funds and scholarship sponsors among alumni to help UPM students in need. With this small effort it will be great when these students come back to help and contribute to the alma mater.


"We try to help as much as possible those who are in search for knowledge and hopefully with this small effort can help them achieve success and they will return to contribute to the alma mater and to other students. For students who receive scholarships regardless from YPR, Cuckoo or Ombak, you are receiving trust from sponsors for you to do your best to success and you will one day return to contribute. Life is like a spinning wheel. Not just accepting, there are times we need to contribute. The slogan of 'Kami Bangga Menjadi Alumni UPM' is a word of enthusiasm when you achieve success, and the success is also the result of efforts and contributions from UPM alumni. So, it is time for you to return to the alma mater to contribute and revive the slogan as UPM alumni.


During the sharing session, Dr. Syafik also gave words of encouragement to the scholarship recipients to uphold the good name of the sponsors. As a recipient of a scholarship, it is the responsibility of the student to know the history of the chapter or the foundation that sponsors it. This can be both inspirational and instil the purpose and ambition to succeed like them.


"As the first recipient of the YPR scholarship, I carry a big name, Pak Rashid. If I fail, not only that I lose but the name of the sponsor is also affected. Therefore, I researched on who Pak Rashid was, what he did, to the extent if anyone asked me, what I wanted to be, I wanted to be like Pak Rashid," he said.


During the session, Dr. Syafik also provided tips to students if they want to succeed, discipline, mentorship, networking, soft skills, skills and resilience as a student need to be tough. The mind needs to be big. Thinking needs to be extraordinary.


According to him who had done his industrial training in Canada, there are many ways and thoughts from Canada that he absorbed and applied here. Not only in science but also knowledge. He was amazed to see his leader despite being busy and successful, but the welfare for the elderly remained a priority.


"What I have learned, when it's time for us to go back to serve, then go home and serve. Despite being squeezed with work and PhD, my mother needed my sacrifice. A mother with schizophrenia needs my attention. It is time for me to go back. In the context of the institution, those who received alumni contributions, when we are now an alumnus, then come back to contribute. Even if it's small but meaningful enough to those in need," he said.


Alumni Putra Cakna is a knowledge sharing program from previous scholarship recipients to the current recipients. It will also be a platform for alumni to return to contribute. The context of the donation is enormous. Not only subject to monetary but also ideas and time.

Date of Input: 08/11/2021 | Updated: 01/12/2021 | alif.isnain


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