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5 July 2018: An-evening with UPM Alumni Chapters


SERDANG, 5 July 2018 -  Alumni Centre hosted An-evening with UPM Alumni Chapters to establish strategic networking with the Alumni Chapters in order to increase fund for the Tabung Kebajikan Sumbangan Pelajar UPM RM10juta.

The event started around 3 p.m. with the arrival of guests, followed by opening speech by the Director of Alumni Centre, Prof. Dr. Hazandy Abdul Hamid, followed by Alumni Passion and Campassion presentation from Deputy Director, Mr. Husalshah Rizal Hussian. Both alumni chapters and Alumni Centre are looking forward to future collaboration to benefit students. Approximately 20 alumni chapters such as INTAN 90’s, Canselor College, Biotech attended the event.

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