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3 March 2019:Fitness Vibes Alumni (FiVA) 2019

SERDANG, 3 Mac 2019 -  The Alumni Centre successfully organised the Fitness Vibes Alumni (FiVA) 2019 at the Dewan Besar PKKSSAAS, UPM. There were various activities have been done to enliven the FiVA programme including  coloring contest for children aged 4-12 years, street soccer opens to alumni and campus residents, penalties, Fitness Dance competitions involving instructors who are UPM alumni Zin Nat, Zin Kay, Zin Wady, Zin Shidi and MTZF Yatt, exhibitions from various agencies and stalls. Visitors also have the opportunity to donating blood and make free medical check up.


Among the activities that would take place were the Colouring Contest, Street Soccer 3x3 and Fitness Dance. We received 145 of colouring contest participation from kindergarten and primary school children who blew our judges away with their drawing and colouring skills.  The team from Gohet Gostan became the winner of the Street Soccer 3x3 when they beat Al-Ikhwan in the final. Meanwhile, Divas Dance Queen became the winner of the Fitness Dance Contest. ACUPM conveyed great appreciation to individuals and sponsors, in particular, to Dr. Lim Ban Keong, Alumni Class 1997 (Rhone Ma Holding); Mr Loh Kwong Yik, Alumni Class 2012 (Walston Agriculture Advisory and Management; Mr Shahrudin Mahadi, Alumni Class 1992 (Embroidery Zone), Mrs Nor Tuti Aini Ab. Wahid, Alumni Class 2005 (Ipey Resources Group) and Telaga Biru Company and to the secretariat which ensured the smooth running and the success of the programme.

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