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3-9 February 2018: TRACE- Bridges Link @Zon Timur

3-9 Feb 2018 - UPM Alumni Centre continues the calendar of alumni activities 2018 with the second series of TRACE- Bridges Link @Zon Timur in Kelantan, Terengganu and Pahang. It's 7-day programme typically leverages alumni networks to maintain a long-lasting relationship, exchanges expertise and also delivers the message on the importance of alumni to support UPM’s Putra Global 200 which is the aspiration to be ranked in the top 200 of World Universities Ranking by the year 2020. 

The programme achieved its objective to meet UPM alumni who are currently working in Kelantan, Terengganu and Pahang in order to share UPM’s recent development as well as to obtain feedback from them. ACUPM also provided the alumni with updated information on its activities. There were 11 organisations, namely, Politeknik Kota Bharu, RISDA Negeri Kelantan, MARDI Negeri Kelantan, Forestry Department Negeri Kelantan, Lembaga Kemajuan Terengganu Tengah (KETENGAH), RISDA Negeri Terengganu, Agriculture Department Negeri Terengganu, Forestry Department Negeri Terengganu, Wildlife Department Negeri Pahang, RISDA Negeri Pahang and Kolej Universiti Agsosains Malaysia took part in this programme.

In conjunction with the TRACE- Bridges Link @Zon Timur, ACUPM also organised Malam Mesra Alumni UPM at the Serai Lounge, FELDA Residence, Kuala Terengganu with the participation of 30 UPM alumni. Alumni Centre would like to thank UPM Alumni Zon Timur for their support of this programme and thus preserving the corporate partnership between alumni-alma mater. Furthermore, we are grateful for alumni's kindness and generosity in achieving 1 Alumni 1 Sumbangan Ringgit Campaign in providing financial assistance to the UPM needy students.


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