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1 March 2018: TRACE Corporate Series V - MIROS

1 March 2018 - Alumni Centre of UPM took the initiative to organise Tracing Alumni for Collaboration & Engagement (TRACE) Corporate Series V at the Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (MIROS). The programme includes activities such as sharing of the past and upcoming alumni events and emphasises the importance of alumni to continue giving their support, whatever they can, to the alma mater, in the latter's effort to achieve the position as the world's top 200 universities by the year 2020. In addition, ACUPM Deputy Director, Mr. Husalshah Rizal Hussian expressed its appreciation and thanked all those involved in this programme, particularly to Mr. Saiful Nizam Mohd Nor, Head of Human Resource Management, MIROS for his cooperation in making this programme a success.

The programme concluded with a dialogue session between alumni and ACUPM Management where valuable feedback was gathered on the way forward to further strengthen the linkages with alumni-alma mater. 

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