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17 Januari 2018: Teh Tarik & Chat Alumni Industry Siri I

SERDANG, 17 Jan 2018 - Teh Tarik & Chat Alumni Industry was organised by the UPM Alumni Centre (ACUPM) as a platform to exchange views and ideas in order to further expand the network and collaborative efforts among the UPM Alumni in general. Alumni Centre was represented by the Director, Professor Dr. Hazandy Abdul Hamid and the Deputy Director, Mr. Husalshah Rizal Hussian.

The programme started with a welcoming speech by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Student Affairs & Alumni), UPM. In addition, there was a prospect collaboration briefing by the Director of Industry Relations and Networks (CirNeT), UPM. His briefing includes the roles and function of in establishing the relationship with potential industry partners in order to intensify strategic collaboration with UPM. Such relations have opened up opportunities for the implementation of various student development programmes, student internships, lectures/ career opportunities, consultancy work, contract research projects and other cooperations that created added value to UPM and industry partnerships.

In the closing speech, ACUPM Director applauded 40 alumni industry who participated this programme and he believed many more alumni will be joining this programme in the future.

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