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15 May 2018: Utilizing Alumni Power as UPM's Strength



SERDANG, May 15 – The Alumni Centre of Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) organised a Serdang Heritage Forum in conjunction with UPM Alumni Day on May 21 to commemorate the history of this research university’s establishment and success in producing graduates in multiple areas of expertise and disciplines.

The Director of UPM Alumni Centre, Prof Dr HAzandy Abdul Hamid said the forum, with the theme “Utilising Alumni Power as UPM's Strength"  was held on May 15 to symbolise the establishment of the School of Agriculture Malaya in Serdang on May 21, 1931. “This programme is recognised as one of the activities which are celebrated each year by alumni members, UPM staff and students to share their experiences and expertise to budding UPM alumnus,” he said. He also said various programmes were outlined to make UPM Alumni Day a success, aimed at bringing alumnus back to UPM and to preserve the legacy of glory in line with UPM’s mission “With Knowledge We Serve”.

Other events was held included Tautan Mahabbah (Thanksgiving ceremony) on May 11, 2018 and the highlight of the programme will be Majlis Makan Malam sirih Pulang ke Gagang @Homecoming X on September 29, 2018. Meanwhile, some 126 invited guests, including alumni and UPM students attended the Serdang Heritage Forum which saw the tedious yet remarkable journey taken by UPM alumni in acquiring knowledge and giving it back to the society during their university days, led by alumni icons Tuan Haji Ghazali Salamt, Setiausaha Agung Persatuan Alumni UPM (PAUPM) (Alumni Kelas 1970); Ir. Kumar Subramaniam, Pengarah, SGTR Konsult Sdn. Bhd. (Alumni Kelas 1993); Cik Koh May Ling, Senior Analyst, Maybank Group (Alumni Kelas 2010) dan Encik Mohd Nazri Noh, Ketua Pentadbiran Pejabat TNC HEPA, UPM (Alumni Kelas 1996) as the moderator.

A lively, entertaining story-telling about their experiences by three-panel members made the session more interesting, aptly in line with the theme of the forum which touched on the needs to equip oneself with strategic knowledge in order to meet current demand as well as to contribute towards the country’s wealth and development.


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