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Alumni Mentor of MegaChili Project 2021, Kamarulridhuan Razali Shared 13 Tips Before and After Planting

The Megachili 2021 Project, issued an alumni grant to the project participants of RM50,000,00 as a startup capital for participants to move the chili crop project under their respective colleges.

A total of 12 residential colleges on the Serdang campus including the Bintulu Campus were successfully collected to make this project a success. The project also brings the involvement of UPM alumni as a mentor.

At the 2nd Series Workshop featuring Mentor Alumni, Mr Kamarulridhuan Razali shared basic tips  before and after the process of planting chili.


13 Basic Tips


  1. Five days before planting need to do cocoapeat filling activities into polygons and continue to organize polygons at a distance of 1.5 inches x 5 inches.
  2. Three days before the planting process is done, it is necessary the bottom of the polybeg.
  3. Two days before the process of getting the process, it is necessary to check on the microtiub and the drip so that it does not clog.
  4. One day before starting to plant, it is necessary
  5. On the day you start planting make sure the seedlings are watered with plain water first three times a day. This process of planting needs to be done within a day.
  6. On the first day to the third day of planting should begin to drip 150ml of fertilizer solution into each drop. It should be done three times a day at 8am, 11am and 5pm.
  7. The fourth day and the 14th day are required to conduct a prevention of pythium disease.
  8. The seventh day of planting tree water buds began to grow. In this situation, remove all the tree water buds by pulling to the tree.
  9. On the 14th to the 20th day of planting, to strengthen the trunks, it can be used (X-shaped) wood. Can use wood or iron. Tie the tree but do not be too tight to avoid affecting the growth of the tree.
  10. Day 20 to 27 stricter control over pest attacks. The age of the tree is pests such as flea affids, trip lice, hamama, hundreds of worms and white flies attacking the tree. Pest control works are always done according to the circumstances. Formula 147 is often used on the first day, the fourth day and the seventh day where the spray of insecticides should be done before 10am or after 5pm.
  11. On the 20th to the 15th day of the cultivation of surveillance work must be done all the time. Every damage to the plant should be treated immediately.
  12. Day 75, is a thrilling day. On the 75th day the first fruit has starter to ripen. At that time, fruit was picked only according to the market.
  13. On the 75th to 150th day, the first fruit has started to ripen and will continue to ripen until beyond the 160th


All tips provided by mentor alumni should be used as possible by the participants. Not only to ensure the success of the Megachili 2021 project but also as a supply when they are really involved in agriculture after graduation.


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