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Musaadah Ramadan: Tautan Mahabbah 2019

Tautan Mahabbah in conjunction with UPM Alumni Day Celebration 21 May 2019. The program was organized by the Alumni Centre in collaboration with the University Islamic Centre, WAZAN UPM and UPM Alumni Association with the support of all campus communities and khariyah in Serdang were pleased to receive the return of the UPM alumni icon, Ustaz Mohd Hariri Mohamad Daud, (Alumni Class 2016) who is a Board Member of Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia, to deliver a talk entitled "Kindness Alumni Loving Alma Mater" in the Islamic context covering the concept of waqf and endowment to the university.

Updated:: 13/10/2022 [syahidasyraaf]


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