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Kit 3K: Keselamatan, Kesihatan dan Keriangan Platform to Assist the Frontline and COVID-19 Patients


Translation by         : Siti Nur`Ain Feisal

Editor                     : Nik Hafzaini Nik Hassan

COVID-19 has changed people’s lifestyles in terms of health, economy and emotions. Thus, a programme organised by MyFundAction in collaboration with Alumni Relations Centre UPM and YOSH UPM Alumni Chapter was carried out to distribute donations to the frontline and COVID-19 patients at MAEPS Serdang which aims to ease their burden and provide moral support.

The programme was held on 26 February until 1 March at Alumni Relations Centre UPM. 100 volunteers participated to pack the 3K kit which comprises students, UPM staff, Sahabat Masjid UPM, YOSH UPM Alumni Chapter members, MyFundAction members, and representatives from the Department of Social Welfare. The kits are then distributed to the frontline and patients at PKRC MAEPS on 1 March 2021.


MyFundAction has taken the step to provide the aid kit which aims to ease the patients and frontline who is great need of PPE suits and hygiene kits. Alumni Relations Centre offered help by providing storage and kit packing.

This programme aims to relieve some of their burdens and to offer moral support to those in need. Among the kits contributed were hygiene kits, dry food kits, ready-to-eat food packs (RTE), PPE sets, adult and kids diapers, tablets, and laptops. 1600 food packs and PPE sets for the frontlines, 5500 food packs and hygiene kits for patients with the accumulated amount of RM660,210.00 were distributed. This relief programme is hoped to inspire the youth to participate in communal activities and it can be done anytime in collaboration with various entities, and to cultivate students’ awareness in battling the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The initiative taken by UPM with MyFundAction is in line in achieving the third Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), Good Health and Well Being. Thus, this endeavour was realised to promote healthy lifestyle for all life stages.   


Date of Input: 31/08/2021 | Updated: 01/02/2023 | hafzaini


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