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YPR Financial Assistance Scheme


This scheme is given to students with financial difficulties, especially final year students who can not graduate because they are forced to postpone the study for no money to pay tuition fees and emergency cases as it thinks fit. A financial loan aid of RM1,000 is provided to applicants (students) for all programs of study at UPM with the priorities of the Agrobio cluster.



Term and Criteria

  1. Priority is given to Agribio cluster students. However, students from other fields may apply.
  2. The first year student (second intake) who is facing a financial problem and is very urgent need assistance before being offered by PTPTN. 
  3. Students who extend the semester and have problem to pay the registration fee for complete the final year project. 
  4. The applicant shall write to the Chairman, YPR Trustee Board by state the purpose and reason for the application and the method of repayment of the loan.
  5. Applications must be supported by the Head of Student Welfare Unit, BHEP and clarified by the Dean of their respective faculties.
  6. Students shall settle the loan by repayment as stipulated conditions and mutual consent of the YPR. 



Updated:: 08/10/2017 [hafzaini]


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