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Introduction of Al-Falah Corner

The name Read@Uni Alumni Relations Centre (ARCUPM) has been upgraded to Laman Al-Falah ARCUPM in conjunction with the spirit of the 2022 Vice-Chancellor's Narrative aspiration, "Sederap Towards Al-Falah". Al-Falah itself means the success with which philosophy itself has been embedded and practiced in everyday life.

Al-Falah's corner is based on the concept of "Thousand Interpretations of Kalam, A Million Information of Natural Knowledge" which is a manifestation of expanding the culture of reading practices that are the basis for the acquisition and strengthening of knowledge.  Previously, the Read@Uni Alumni Relations Centre was in an office building where space was limited, however, upgrades and improvements were made when the Read@Uni was moved to the front of the ARCUPM office building to increase the visibility of the Al-Falah Corner to more visitors whether visitors at ARCUPM, UPM Alumni Association or Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research and Innovation) Building.


The Al-Falah corner is intended to play a role in revitalizing the reading programs/activities and empowering the awareness of visitors/readers that this reading practice can fight the 'mediocre' culture of life that is cascading among the community, which is a mid-life culture full of entertainment and popular materials that do not educate at all and do not make the community of good quality.

In addition, the Al-Falah corner also creates a sense of comfort through a calm and harmonious environment for visitors/readers as Laman Al-Falah is on the outside porch of ARCUPM's office and does not interfere with the ecosystem of the indoor environment of the office.

Updated:: 22/02/2024 [hazeqqa]