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UPM organizes Serdang Heritage forum to celebrate UPM Alumni Day 21 May

Serdang Heritage Forum

Serdang, May 21 (UPM) - Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) organized the Serdang Heritage forum in conjunction with the UPM Alumni Day celebration on May 21, to commemorate the history of the research university’s establishment and its success in producing graduates in various fields and expertise.

Alumni Centre Director, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mansor Abu Talib, said the Serdang Heritage forum with a theme "With Knowledge We Serve, Inspiring Nation, Innovative Generation" was held in conjunction with the symbolic date of May 21, 1931, which marked the date of the inception of the School of Agriculture Malaya in Serdang.

"This programme is recognized as one of the activities in UPM, known as the UPM Alumni Day May 21, which is celebrated annually by the alumni, campus community and UPM students in sharing their experience and expertise with future UPM alumni," he said.

He added that various programmes held for the Alumni Day, were aimed to bring alumni back to the university and preserve the legacy of its motto ‘With Knowledge We Serve’.

"The passion that the alumni bring is hoped to give aspirations to UPM students in being competitive and they should take the opportunity from the alumni contributions to the development of the Alma Mater," he said.

Other events held were Tracing Alumni for Collaboration and Engagement (TRACE) North Zone from 6 to 7 March 2014, TRACE Sabah from 28 to 29 March and Thanksgiving Ceremony on May 26.

Meanwhile, the Serdang Heritage forum managed to attract 200 participants, discoursing on the journey of UPM alumni in receiving and generating knowledge at university level, presented by three distinguished panelists; the former Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Student Affairs), Dr. Idris Abdol (UPM Alumni 1970), Amos Ng Architecture CEO, Amos Ng (UPM Alumni 2000), the Managing Director of Ritz Ranch Sdn. Bhd. & Axiera Ritz Sdn. Bhd., Nizam Khosim (UPM Alumni 2006), and the forum was moderated by the Fifth College Principal, Dr. Amini Amir Abdullah.

Excellent presentation and story-telling featured at the forum by the three panelists had emboldened the theme and made the audience to be self-equipped with strategic knowledge to meet with current demands and how it would contribute to the nation’s wealth generation and development. – UPM.

 – UPM/nhnh/nej/kgo

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