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The Alumni Relation Center Maximizes The Read@Uni Laman Al-Falah Space By Launching The Love of Knowledge Campaign

By : Suziana Che Wil 

Editor : Nik Hafzaini Nik Hassan 



SERDANG, Aug 22 The Alumni Relations Centre of Universiti Putra Malaysia (ARCUPM) has taken the initiative by maximizing the use of space read@Uni Laman Al-Falah by launching the Love On Knowledge campaign. The campaign was officiated by the Director of UPM Alumni Relations Centre, YBhg. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Arba'ie Sujud was brought to life with a series of knowledge sharing from ARCUPM officers and staff on a weekly basis. The partnership consists of book anatosions, exemplary stories from films, stories of a life and even old poems.

This initiative is to revive the sharing of knowledge among the staff and staff of UPM in an effort to foster a reading culture and thus the knowledge is shared with others. The program Read@Uni Laman Al-Falah is one of the efforts to further invigorate the aura of the 50 Years of UPM celebration which culminated in its celebration on 1 October 2022, namely the Sirih Pulang to Gagang@Homecoming 2022, 50 Years of UPM, Seluhur Budi Sekalung Kasih, while the Love On Knowledge campaign is also seen as in line with the call 'Sederap Step Towards Al-falah' by YH. Dato'. Prof. Dr. Roslan Sulaiman, Vice-Chancellor of Universiti Putra Malaysia. At the launching ceremony, the Director of ARCUPM, Prof. Dr. Arba'ie Sujud, called on all staff and staff of UPM to continue to bring the read@uni space to life at their respective Responsibility Centres in an effort to inculcate a love of reading among Malaysians and UPM staff especially.



"Read@uni Laman Al-Falah is one of the programmes conducted by the Alumni Contact Centre and this is a space or platform for alumni, staff and students to share knowledge, information insights in our efforts to prosper ourselves with beneficial content. With the slogan 'berlimu berbakti' this programme is seen as an effort to continue to provide a new dimension in cultivating the attitude of reading and thus sharing the knowledge gained with others.

The read@uni this site is also a sign of our willingness as UPM citizens to continue contributing community knowledge and further advancing the community with this Love On Knowledge campaign. What is hoped is that this Love For Knowledge campaign will continue to be in full, fertile and encouraged for us to be together to prosper the community through a reading culture no matter where it is in the same institution of higher learning, at home and anywhere else as long as there is space and opportunity to increase knowledge," he said at the launch.
For the programme coordinator led by Nik Hafzaini Nik Hassan, the programme indirectly provides an avenue for staff, alumni and students to strengthen their skills especially to give public speaking. "Not all have high self-confidence to be in the audience and be in the spotlight. So with a sharing session at the Al-Falah Site read@uni it is at least a platform to hone talent and increase self-confidence when it comes to giving a speech in front of an audience. This space is open for anyone to share knowledge, views and information as long as it does not contradict the ethics of the University and as long as it benefits all, especially the people of UPM," he said at the ceremony. To date, read@uni Laman Al-Falah Alumni Relations Centre already has three series of partnerships initiated by the Deputy Director of the Alumni Relations Centre, Mr. Fahmi Azar Mistar who shared the books "Tsuku Tazaki Without Color' and "Syarah Hadith 40 Imam Nawawi' by Ms. Aida Fitri Peli who is a staff member at ARCUPM.




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