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Hafiz Ramly Shared the Benefits of MyGAP to the Participants of MegaChili 2021 Workshop

By : Suziana Che Wil

Editor : Nik Hafzaini Nik Hassan

The sharing of knowledge and inputs in the Megachili 2021 project workshop is not only focused on the selection of seedlings and farm management. The invitation panel for the 5th series workshop, Mr Hafiz Ramly, deputy director of the Johor State Department of Agriculture, who is also the UPM Mentor Alumni Class (2002-2005) also shared input on the assistance or program provided by the Agriculture Department to the farmers.


MyGap, many may not know and some are already aware of this certification. To become a modern farmer, entrepreneurs need to be diligent in digging knowledge so that the fields are being successful with the quality set by the Department of Agriculture.

What is MyGAP?

MyGAP is a certification program developed based on Malaysia Standard MS 1784 for the crop sector to recognize farms that have practiced good agricultural practices (APB) environmentally friendly concepts, preserving the welfare and safety of workers to produce quality, safe and suitable products .

MyGAP is not only important to entrepreneurs but also; With the MyGAP logo on the output of a farm it also guarantees quality for buyers. When looking at the existence of a MyGAP logo, users do not have to worry about quality because MyGAP will emphasize;

  • Quality and Safe Results to Eat

  • Farm recognized by the Department of Agriculture
  • Farm Practice Good Agricultural Practice (APB)
  • No prohibited impurities
  • Farm Prioritizing Hygiene

  •  Farm Managed by Workers healthy and skilled

Benefits of MyGAP certification

  • Producing quality and safe agricultural products because the content of pesticides residues is at the allowable level.

  • Can reduce environmental pollution.
  • Prioritizing integrated pest control methods. 
  • Increase high quality yield production.

  •  Agricultural produce is easily recognized and competitive in the domestic and international markets.

  • Helps develop the country's friendly and sustainable agriculture industry. 
  • The MyGAP logo on the product label can convince the user of the safety of the product.


Countries that already use MyGap

Who can apply for MyGAP certification?

The applicant's category is as follows;

  • Individuals

  •  Private companies

  • Participants of permanent food production projects (TKPM) 
  • Agencies or Statutory Bodies
  • Contract Farm Participation
  • Agricultural Center under the supervision of the Department of Agriculture
  • Modern Agricultural Project Participan


In addition, the applicant must ensure that the land is legally legal, the farm has begun to grow and produce the revenue and the revenue issued is intended for domestic or export sales.

How to apply for a MyGAP certification?

Application for MyGAP certification can be made using the official application form available at;

  • Quality Control Division, Department of Agriculture Putrajaya

  • State Department of Agriculture
  • District Agriculture Department 
  • Website of the Department of Agriculture Malaysia

    The application form that has been completed along with all the necessary documents must be submitted to the Secretariat through the District Agriculture Office. For successful applications this MyGAP certificate is valid within two years.


    Regular inspections from the Department of Agriculture will be conducted at least once a year. This is to ensure that employers follow every standard issued under MyGAP certification.


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