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Coffee Talk with Presiden UPM Alumni Association, Dato’Raihan Sharif (Alumni Class 1978 & 1982)

By : Suziana Che Wil

Editor : Nik Hafzaini Nik Hassan

Translator: Amjad Hakimi Adam & Tahera Redha Nasser Redha Al Redha (UPM Internship Students 2022)

On June 29, 2021, the UPM Alumni Association (PAUPM) will be 50 years old. Five decades ago, PAUPM has built a network and platform with UPM alumni for them to return to contribute to the alma mater.

Although the presidents of PAUPM have changed, but the objective remains the same, which is to establish a close relationship between members in order to enhance their intellectual, academic and self -worth. In addition, it can foster good relations between alumni and UPM for mutual benefit.

In conjunction with PAUPM's 50th Anniversary Celebration, the UPM Alumni Relations Center (ARCUPM) as an entity that moves closely and in tandem has held a brief interview with the President of PAUPM, Dato 'Raihan Sharif.


Follow the interview session below:

ARCUPM: In Dato's early years as PAUPM President, what challenges did Dato 'have to face as PAUPM President?

Dato' Raihan: The challenges and great trusts that have to be borne by a President of the UPM Alumni Association (PAUPM) are many and varied. To me, the two main things I need to address are to ensure that PAUPM continues to contribute to educational excellence at UPM. At the same time to further strengthen the friendship between members for the common good.

ARCUPM: Continuing the legacy left by their predecessors is not easy. What inspires Dato ’in the effort to bring PAUPM to this day and until PAUPM is able to generate its own income?

Dato' Raihan: Although there are great challenges and trusts to be faced, I do not feel awkward because I was appointed as Exco for one term and one term as Deputy President of PAUPM. Therefore, I have understood the objective of the establishment of PAUPM itself. In addition, the strong support from exco and alumni members have inspired me to continue the legacy of PAUPM even though the benchmarks that have been pushed by the previous President are quite high. My desire to contribute to the alma mater and the dream to ensure PAUPM continues to excel has led me to be directly involved in PAUPM leadership.

ARCUPM: The importance of associating to alumni, other than contributing back to the alma mater, what else is the importance of getting involved in an association that Dato ’can say?

Dato' Raihan: It is very important for alumni to join forces in an association whether in a small group or chapter such as class, course, year, state or even directly with PAUPM. Although one can contribute to the alma mater individually but if such energy is collected in an association, the impact will be even greater and effective. For example, if PAUPM intends to raise funds for a program/project to be channelled to the development of UPM, and it is assumed that all 100,000 PAUPM members contribute a minimum of RM10 per person, the amount of funds that can be raised is greater than the individual contribution.

In addition, the close friendship between members as a result of associating is also an extensive network and it can help the career development of an alumni whether in the public service, corporate sector or as a successful entrepreneur.

ARCUPM: An association is a non -profit entity/NGO. There are times when it is less of a choice for young people to participate. Can Dato ’give a few comments on this matter and what can Dato’ say to alumni who still have opinions like this?

Dato' Raihan: To those who are not or less interested in alumni association, I just want to say that it is not possible for you to be like you are today if not for the knowledge or experience you gained while you were at UPM which we love. So don't procrastinate anymore. Let's work together to give back to the alma mater through the PAUPM network.

ARCUPM: As UPM alumni and the person in charge of PAUPM, can Dato ’leave words of encouragement to today’s students who are affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and what can the association give them?

Dato' Raihan: We are aware that the Covid -19 pandemic that has hit the world and our country for more than a year is something we have to face with perseverance. As students in public universities, we have to quickly adapt to this new norm of life and it is likely that we will have to live in this situation in the long run as long as no solution can be found by the authorities. Therefore, it is very important that we always take care of our health so that we are not exposed to infection because the consequences can be detrimental to our future, family and country. To help students, PAUPM always works with UPM to raise funds and organize programs to help asnaf students and those who are less able.

ARCUPM: In conjunction with the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the founding of PAUPM, what are Dato's hopes in the future for PAUPM in particular and for UPM alumni in general.

Dato' Raihan: In conjunction with the celebration of the 50th anniversary of its registration, I hope PAUPM will continue to work hard to plan and implement programs/activities that can help UPM excel. Now PAUPM has started to move from programs/activities that are purely social to programs/activities in the form of intellectual and socio-economic development by using the knowledge, expertise and experience of our members. PAUPM is also trying to generate its own income through business activities with the hope that the profits earned can fund programs/activities that are more beneficial to members and UPM. With strong financial resources, PAUPM is able to create funds or endowments for the welfare of UPM students as has been implemented by the alumni association of world-renowned universities.


It is PAUPM's dream to have its own building so that alumni have a "home" that they can return to campus to recall the nostalgia of their time as students at UPM.

In line with the desire to rejuvenate the association, PAUPM also hopes that more young alumni will appear in the programs/activities organized. The involvement of young alumni is important because they have the energy and creative ideas that can shape the image of PAUPM.

In addition, PAUPM also intends to expand its wings out of the country where many UPM alumni are located. At PAUPM, international alumni are ambassadors to UPM and Malaysia in general.

To the alumni, PAUPM calls on them to follow and be actively involved in the programs that have been arranged. Those who have not registered, can contact the PAUPM Secretariat or browse Facebook, Telegram and the PAUPM portal to get the latest information. Come together in the big PAUPM family to help the excellence of our alma mater and the progress of the country in general.


To update your personal information and become a member of PAUPM, please visit the link below:           



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