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UPM Ambassador

This program aims to provide exposure to the students on the importance and responsibility as an alumnus in the hopes to foster the spirit of love towards their Alma Mater. This program is being used by the universiti as a platform through participation of residential colleges with the efforts of the Alumni Centre to create awareness amongst students to always be eager to come back to the campus after graduating and becoming an Alumnus.

This is implemented based on the topic of a lecture entitled "Be an Active Alumni" and its aim is to introduce and to bring the entities of Alumni, Alumni Centre and Alumni Association of Universiti Putra Malaysia(PAUPM) closer towards future alumni who are currently in their final year in their respective residential colleges. The main content of the lecture will cover the objectives, functions, roles and responsibilities of the Alumni Centre and introduce PAUPM and programs implemented . This program is very important for early information and dissemination to the students to know and understand their role as future alumni and Alumni Centre and PAUPM will become the reference point when they return back to campus in the future.

Updated:: 12/09/2017 [hafzaini]